Did you know that each hospital visit is at risk for nosocomical infections? i.e. MCSA,VRE,COVID


Did you know that 75% of patients return back to the hospital within 90 days of getting discharge?


Did you know there is help available post discharge to assist with the coordination ofcare for you / your loves one?


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Care coordinators are vital healthcare associates that coordinate communication between family members, medical providers, administrative staff and insurance companies to ensure that clients are receiving the best possible healthcare services.

One in five patients are readmitted to the hospital within 30 days!
75% of these readmissions are preventable!

Is your loved one at risk? If there has been a recent medication change, fall, hospitalization due to Flu, COVID, COPD, CHF, Diabetes or hypertension.

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Who do care coordinators assist?

Care coordinates are able to assist clients that are in need of guidance with healthcare related resources such as looking for a provider
understanding insurance or locating appropriate housing based on healthcare needs.

Resources Include:

Medical Providers

Social Service Personal

Representative Payee

Private Duty Companies

Much More!

Mental Health Providers

Elder Law Attorney


Community Care Coordination Consulting

Reviews and Comments

“Thanks to the team at One Stop Health Shops I was able to find the correct doctors I needed who even accepted my insurance! If it wasn’t for One Stop I would still be battling trying to make every appointment I need to!”

Adriana D.

“The people at One Stop Health Shop assisted in finding me the best possible Health Insurance to fit my needs!”

Tom L.

“I’m 65 Years Old, and I was worried after being discharged from the Hospital. I had no close family within Florida that would be able to help me with my Medical needs! If it wasn’t for One Stop Health I would’ve definitely been back in the Hospital!”

Alisha R.

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We understand that there are always questions pertaining to your care, especially when you or your loved ones is faced with making a decision regarding healthcare needs. OSHS is here to assist and ease in any transitional healthcare making decisions. We are always here, and ready to help!